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My First Blog

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

My very first blog post is brought to you by Bombay Sapphire, Orange Juice with a splash of pineapple as I down my March Madness bracket and favorite team sorrows after Florida State lost to Gonzaga in the Sweet 16. But hey you know shit happens! I appreciate everyone who is visiting our website and this blog as this is my very first time doing this. I popped my blog cherry! The purpose of this blog will give you quick takes on events between episodes, or something that we might feel is newsworthy, or I might be drunk one night and just feel like putting it to words on how I feel about somethings which might lead to grammar errors or missed punctuation of words. Either way, myself and Savannah and others will contribute to this blog to keep the people entertained or informed and sometimes both!

#holycityhigh #offair

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