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F&B side of the Bridge Run

As I wake up from my slumber aching at every possible part of my body after a long busy shift at work the day before. I look at my clock and realize in about a hour I have to do it all again. The busiest weekend in Charleston without question from the Bridge Run, to the Volvo Cup tennis tournament in Daniel Island to Flowertown Festival in Summerville. Thousands of people will be present in a town where traffic is already a nightmare and parking is almost non-existent. I contemplate taking a shot of Jameson before going to take a shower but I just hit my e-cig pen as I mentally try to get ready for a non-stop ass-kicking I'm about to receive. To my brothers and sisters that are serving and bartending, to my line cooks cursing out the FOH for all the modifiers and to my dish and prep people hoping they will see the light at the end of the tunnel; Good luck to you all and enjoy every smoke break that you might get if you are lucky!


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