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My First Award!

As much as I love doing my podcast, sometimes seeing the validation of your work is reminder that your words are reaching people. Back in May, I got the announcement that I won the award for Best Local Podcast from the Charleston City Paper . I put a lot of effort into marketing to get the announcement out there that I was a finalist along with my frequent collaborator and good friend John Reese who placed second under the Visual Artist category. With the win, I had the pleasure of attending the Best of Charleston party hosted by Firefly Distillery. It was an awesome

experience and I love the Hawaiian theme. Great chance to come across some awesome Vendors and also meet some of the other winners! With that being said, I’m using this new energy from winning to focus my podcast niche to being an community discussion platform along with an launch board for any local entrepreneur, performing artist, visual artist or anyone with an side hustle! For my listeners who have been there since day one, thanks and love ya always and for my new people just joinin, welcome to the journey! One Love for everybody, this is your boy Nappy and we outcheya!!!! #NappyOut

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