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The Nappy Chronicles: Quarantine Week 2

Happy Sunday Funday as we go into week two of quarantine here in the LowCountry. Unemployed with a lot of free time; sounds like I'm 14 years old again. The worst part about this is the weather has been awesome. 80 degree temperatures with no humidity, its essentially my favorite time of the year. With that being said, the coronavirus has amped up as predicted with over 124, 000 cases nationwide. Charleston County has the most cases in South Carolina with 91 cases.

As the cases went up, the City of Charleston, the town of Folly Beach, and Charleston County decided to close all public parks and beaches in prevention of spreading the virus but Governor Henry McMaster rescinded that ban due to those municipals not having the power to do it so Folly Beach reestablished a checkpoint for out of state visitors.

On the lighter side of things; I am taking an advantage of this time off to study for some IT certifications, mainly Comptia A+, Network and Security. For anyone interested in learning new skills potentially, check out Coursera which has a list of online courses from accredited universities and companies. I am currently enrolled in Google's IT Support Professional Certificate which would be a good resume booster and help with going afterward a A+ certification which helps with Tech support jobs. Some courses are free while others require a monthly subscription until you complete the course. Just a alternative option for people getting stirred crazy.

If you were looking to help those affected by Covid-19, check out Holy City Sinner. Plenty of information for donations or if you are a F&Ber needing help, there are also links to sign up to receive donations.

While sitting around vibing, I decided to teach a few of my friends how to play spades. As I contemplated writing out how to explain Spades to people who never played. I came across an article on Deadspin from 2016 that does a perfect job not only explaining the game but puts emphasis on how serious people take this game. Not to brag but I'm a beast at this game. With that being said, I will post weekly of a new game to play during this quarantine.

In all seriousness tho, the fact that I am not able to work and make money to pursue my ambitions sucks. The more alarming thing is the negligence of people not taking this as serious as they should. The biggest reason for this is that not enough people haven't been traumatize personally. Please read what is happening currently in New York and the surrounding areas because that can become your reality very soon if more precautions aren't taken serious. There are over 30,000 cases with near 700 deaths. South Carolina is projected 8,000 cases by the first week of May. There are factors that can change that number which includes warmer weather but if people want to have life return to normal than keep your ass inside the house.

Well people, I really do appreciate y'all taking the time to read this blog. My goal is to post this every Sunday rather its a Quarantine or not. Hopefully its informative for you and keeps you entertained and informed during these tough times. For my doctors, nurses, EMTs and Paramedics, our hearts are with you and please take the time to thank anyone you know who are on the front lines of this pandemic. Please check out my podcast if you haven't and this is Nappy Nick and we outchea.

PS: Might as well checkout my Coronavirus playlist on Spotify.

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