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The New Reality

127 is the number of days since South Carolina first positive case of Covid-19. Two women, one each from Charleston and Kershaw counties. A week later (Mar 15th), Governor Henry McMaster declares a State of Emergency shutting down all schools including colleges. Two days later, McMaster orders the mandatory shutdown of dine in service at restaurant and bars. The cases confirmed at the time were 47 cases. By the end of March, there were 1,083 cases with 22 deaths in South Carolina.

As of July 7th according to DHEC, there are presently over 47,000 confirmed cases in South Carolina. Charleston County has 6,072 (leads state) confirmed cases while the estimated cases is around 37,000. Berkeley County has 1,702 confirmed with 10,000 estimated, and Dorchester has 1,155 confirmed cases with 7,000 estimated.

The charts above breaks down cases by zip code. I will highlight the zip codes with the most cases below (zip code population estimates from

29403 (DT Charleston)- 846 confirmed cases, 5,197 estimated (leads State) 23,000 Zip code pop

29464(Mount Pleasant)- 697 confirmed cases, 4,282 estimated 55,000 zip code pop

29406(North Charleston)- 565 confirmed cases, 3,471 estimated 34,000 zip code pop

29445(Goose Creek)- 564 confirmed cases, 3,465 estimated 62,000 zip code pop

29412(James Island)- 520 confirmed cases, 3,194 estimated 42,000 zip code pop

29405(North Charleston)- 465 confirmed cases, 2,856 estimated 27,000 zip code pop

29414(West Ashley)- 465 confirmed cases, 2,856 estimated 47,000 zip code pop

29407(West Ashley)- 462 confirmed cases, 2,838 estimated 39,000 zip code pop

29418(North Charleston)- 405 confirmed cases, 2,488 estimated 26,000 zip code pop

29483(Summerville) - 404 confirmed cases, 2,482 estimated 61,000 zip code pop

29485(Summerville)- 350 confirmed cases, 2,150 estimated 59,000 zip code pop

29456(Ladson) - 342 confirmed cases 2,101 estimated 41,000 zip code pop

29466(Mount Pleasant) 322 confirmed cases, 1,978 estimated 45,000 zip code pop

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