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Unsung Hero's of Game of Thrones

This post contain SPOILERS!!!! Please do me a favor and go watch the latest episode before viewing this post! With that being said, as we gear up for the the inevitable conflict between the living and the dead at Winterfell this upcoming Sunday. I felt like it is time to show some love to some characters that aren’t in the spotlight enough. There are a huge list of characters I could have name for this post but I’m going to keep it down to 5. Shall we get started.....

1) Podrick Payne- aka squire of the year aka Mr.Longdick! The only person at least seen on the show that girls from the brothel refused his money because his dick game was so strong. NOT ALL HERO’s WEAR CAPES! That is just one element of a list of accomplishments such as saving Tyrion during the Battle of Blackwater and becoming such a good swordsman he’s training some

of the Northeners (S/O to Brienne) for the fight against the dead. On top of all of that, my man has a voice that will make every vagina around him wetter than Niagara Falls. Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl in medieval times! A lover, a fighter, THE LEGEND! I see ya Pod!

2)Ser Bronn of the Blackwater- The number one hustler of the Seven Kingdoms and has a very high rate of getting cockblocked (Let my man get some ass)! If Bronn is good at anything, it’s saving Lannisters. More than anything, my man is an opportunist, and that something of a trait that I admire and a big component of a hustler’s ambition. Even tho Cersei has some fucked up plans for my man.I hope Podrick‘s advice gets Bronn all the pu-tang pie in the Seven Kingdoms!

3)Hotpie- I know this one may seem random but he is still alive. I’m not sure he will have an appearance in the final season but his expertise on pies can’t be overlook. Even Arya has use his methods in only a way Arya would. In a show where death at you so often, gotta respect that the homie has made it this far.

4) Gendry Baratheon- the last living bastard of King Robert. Definitely has had a interesting plot in this show. Lost his virginity with a little BDSM with the Red Priest Melisandre, check,knows how to make and use weapons, check, a true heir to the Iron Throne, check, took the virginity of a royal princess who happens to be one of the deadliest assassins in Westeros and the most aggressive virgin, check.

5) Eddison Tollett- the current Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and Jon Snow’s BFF. Loyalty is hard to come by in this show and in life in general. From being a background to character to becoming the Lord Commander (Not sure if it has a lot of meaning now that the dead has broken through the Wall) Eddie T can say I started from the bottom and now we here ayeeee!

Honorable Mention: Grey Worm- the leader of the UnSullied and advisor to Daenerys. The fact that he pulled Missandei with no dick must mean that tongue is strong! Do it for the culture . #Sothoryos #GameOfThrones #HolyCityHigh

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