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New Year! Same Podcast!

Happy belated new year! Hoping your 2024 has been going well and you have been sticking to those resolutions. If not! We’re on that Hakuna Matata trip and at best case, just keep doing you boo boo!

Now who is this Nappy Nick guy? A Bravo celebrity? Influencer? Nah, just a random F&Ber who thought, Let’s start a podcast because why the fuck not! Six years later, I’m still out here vibing and people are still subscribing and I got a Best of Charleston plaque hanging on the wall! Guess ya boy doing something right!

Hey, if you've managed to stick around, kudos! You've successfully dodged the TikTok attention span ambush. Now, let's dive into the purpose of this blog:

Looking for the ultimate Jameson/Rumplemintz deal? Craving some epic air guitar showdowns at Rec Room or getting your jam band fix at The Bounty Bar on Sunday nights? Forget Bravo – I've got the lowdown from the folks navigating King Street's uneven sidewalks. Witness a CofC student's early morning stride of pride or Charleston's hero Byron doing impromptu spinal adjustments to bartenders working a double shift. This blog spills local secrets, and I'm not alone – guests will be sharing their unique perspectives. It's not just insights; it's a backstage pass to Charleston's offbeat rhythm!

From the tidal waves of High Tide/High Water festival to geeking out at San Diego Comic-Con or feeling the roar of the Carolina/Clemson football clash – if it's an event, I'm there! My wanderlust knows no bounds, and this year, I'm cranking it up a notch. This blog isn't just a diary; it's a front-row seat to my passion for traveling and diving headfirst into unforgettable experiences. Get ready to join the adventure!

Whether it's John Reese, DJ Dolla Menu, or the vibes from Effin B Radio, if you've got a skill or talent in art, music, or entertainment, I'm your platform! This blog is more than self-promotion; it's a community showcase. From Charleston to the entire state of South Carolina, I'm on a mission to spotlight the incredible talent hiding in plain sight. Don't be shy – if you're ready to shine, reach out! Let's make this blog the stage for the diverse brilliance of our local scene.

Welp, that’s the heartbeat of this podcast! Hope you guys will be subscribing! Every post will come with a playlist recommendation!


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